Return Policy

We apologize that you need to return product to Hart Enterprises. We make every effort to ensure that your product arrives exactly as ordered, and when this does not happen we want to make the experience as painless as possible. Unfortunately, in order to avoid costly errors we have found it necessary to enforce the following Return Policy:

Return Authorization:

To ensure that all returns are properly handled, a return authorization number issued by Hart Enterprises must accompany all returned goods. Please mark it clearly on all packages and refer to it on any paperwork that relates to the return. While Hart Enterprises will make an effort to notify senders of unauthorized returns, items received without return authorization are subject to refusal or shipment back to the sender at sender expense without further notice.

What is needed for Return Authorization:

The minimum requirements for return authorization are the following:

  1. Hart Enterprises, Inc Lot Number. These are formatted as follows: ANNN-NNNNN (A=alpha character, N= numeric character) unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  2. The quantity to be returned.
  3. The reason for the return.
  4. The status of the parts (As received, opened, processed by customer, etc)

Depending on the circumstances Hart Enterprises may also request samples, inspection reports, lab results, or other relevant information before authorization is issued.

Packaging Returns:

It is the senders responsibility to ensure that all returned items are packed well enough to arrive back at Hart Enterprises in undamaged condition. Returns received damaged are subject to refusal or shipment back to the sender at sender expense. We suggest that returns be returned in the original packaging (if not opened or damaged and over-packed in a second, larger, new box. Opened primary containers must be carefully resealed to prevent contamination. DO NOT ASSUSME THAT BECAUSE THE MATERIAL IS REJECTED THAT IT HAS NO VALUE.


All returns must be insured for the full invoice price of the product returned. Sender is responsible for any uninsured value lost to damage in shipping.