Turning ideas into quality medical devices since 1976.

Hart Enterprises, Inc., is the leading OEM supplier of special application needles and custom medical devices for the health care industry.

Standard Products


Be the first to market and control development costs by utilizing Hart’s standard products. Hart has standard products which have 510k clearance as well as the ability to be customized.

Guidewire Introducers

Easy penetration, control and low trauma are common to all Hart needles. An internally tapered hub promotes smooth introduction of the guidewire. Ultra-Thin wall reduces the puncture size required for a given guidewire.

Biopsy Needles

Hart combines its versatile cutting edge grinding capabilities with lightweight, ergonomically designed hubs to provide outstanding accuracy and control on a wide range of percutaneous biopsy procedures.

Spinal Needles

Our differential bevels eliminate coring, light-weight, Sure Grip™ plastic hubs bring exceptional control for spinal procedures.




Specializing in highly varied & unusual specifications, our creative and qualified engineering staff are ready to assist you with new product design! Prototyping small batch sizes falls right into the strength of Hart Enterprises.

Once the product has met your requirements Hart can manufacture, package, sterilize, and ship the product for you. This will allow you more time to concentrate on selling the product to your customers instead of worrying about manufacturing your product.

We’ve built our reputation on producing the highest quality medical devices and providing the best customer service available in the industry. 

 Hart’s ultra-clean cannula is extra sharp and free of burrs. Our cutting-edge grinding and electropolishing technologies provide a distinctive edge in needle sharpness and safety.

Superior performance produces value and loyalty. Hart's commitment to zero-critical defects saves time and money - particularly when entire procedure kits can be rendered useless by a single bad component.

SINCE 1976