Extraordinary Quality:

Needle to needle, lot to lot, Hart consistently supplies superior products.  Hart’s ultra-clean cannula is extra sharp and free of burrs. Our cutting-edge grinding and electropolishing technologies provide a distinctive edge in needle sharpness and safety.

In the fabrication of hubs and other plastic features, leak-free seals, a hold-strength several times greater than ISO specs, and tight tolerances on needle lengths result from our state-of-the-art insert molding operation.  In the assembly of the needle, plugged lumens and “hidden” defects from crimping or gluing are eliminated.

Hart always conducts 100% critical defect and point sharpness inspections on all finished devices.

Flexibility to accommodate special design, manufacturing and packaging needs as well as reliable delivery are some of Hart’s trademarks, and allow you to provide the best products at the most cost effective price.

Hart’s versatile grinding capability provides the best possible point for any procedure.  We incorporate “user friendly” technically advanced, cost saving features into every application with our plastic hub molding capability.  Examples include finger grips, color coding for size or application, flashback chambers for placement verification, and component part consolidations.

There is no substitute for people who care. At Hart Enterprises, Inc. our dedicated, experienced staff is our greatest asset. Everyday they help us provide the highest quality and best service available.

Review Hart’s Quality Policy.

GMP Accountability:

Hart operates within the context of strict interpretation of GMP’s.  Batch records include the complete tractability of all materials, processes and procedures.  In addition, Hart is ISO compliant and a registered medical device manufacturer by the US FDA.