Maximum Result, Minimal Trauma


Hart combines its versatile cutting-edge grinding capabilities with lightweight, ergonomically designed hubs to provide outstanding accuracy and control on a wide range of percutaneous biopsy procedures.

Our differential bevel between stylet and cannula point reduces coring and tissue entrapment for cleaner samples. Incredible sharpness permits the use of thin wall cannulas which increase the sample yield for any given gauge.


A trocar pointed stylet and serrated outer needle assists in an accurate placement of the needle and clean, reliable removal of lung tissue. This wall cannula provides a superior cutting edge and a large sample.


Chiba Needles

A matched point or differential bevel is available. The interlocking hub and cap yield high accuracy and low trauma for this fine-needle percutaneous, soft-tissue, aspiration biopsy instrument. Chiba needles are also utilized for injection of radiopaque dyes.

Have your own design?

Contact us for a quote on a custom needle manufactured to your exact specifications!

Needle stops, centimeter markings, and ultrasound enhancements are available on all standard and custom needles. Custom lengths and gauges available for all needles. Contact us for more details.