Better Results, Less Trauma


Easy penetration, control and low trauma are common to all Hart needles. An internally tapered hub promotes smooth introduction of the guidewire. Ultra Thin wall reduces the puncture size required for a given guidewire. A full range of lengths and gauges are available.


Seldinger Style

This two part needle has a solid stylet with a super sharp arterial bevel and a radially tapered outer needle for low penetration force and optimal transition. The single concave hub guard and interlocking cap with hub provide reliable bevel reference and stabilitiy for the user.


One-Piece Needles

One-piece introducer needles are available with either a single concave guard (similar to the Seldinger Style) or the Hart Sure Grip™ Flashback hub design. Ultra thin wall cannula and short arterial bevel points reduce trauma.


Cournand Style

Modified and Standard

The double concave hub shield permits bevel-up or bevel-down positioning. The inner needle allows flashback through its cap. The standard design cannula extends through the hub to prevent blood pooling. The modified style eliminaltes the needle extension through the hub to facilitate the easy introduction of guidewires.


CM markings and Ultrasound enhancements available on all standard needles. Custom sizes available for all needles. Contact Hart Enterprises for more details.