You’re going to have questions, and we're here to help.


Our emphasis is on building lasting relationships where we serve as a trusted advisor and manufacturing partner. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What do I need to provide Hart Enterprises, Inc. when placing an order?

A description, a drawing (no matter how crude), or a sample and the quantity you would like quoted.

How long will it take to receive my quote?

That depends on whether the item you are requesting uses material that is in stock or custom materials, which requires us to call our vendors to receive a quote. We strive to have quotes ready within one week for in-stock material and two weeks if we have to wait for a quote on custom material.

Why is there an E&S charge on my quote?

Engineering and Set-Up (E&S) is required for some but not all quotes. This one time charge is added when additional engineering is required to manufacture a part. Hart Enterprises, Inc. retains ownership of all E&S. If the E&S needs repair or replacement, it is done at our expense, unless the part or capacity requirements are changed by the customer. Half of the E&S must be paid within terms after receiving the PO. The remaining 50% is due within terms after shipment of the parts. E&S is fully refundable if Hart Enterprises, Inc. cannot manufacture the part to the specifications accepted by Hart Enterprises, Inc. with the purchase order.

What is the normal lead time for a custom order?

Lead time varies based on material availability and the processes required to manufacture the product.

Will Hart Enterprises, Inc. sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Hart Enterprises, Inc. will sign a NDA as long as it protects the customer’s rights and our own (mutual agreement). 

What are Hart Enterprises, Inc.’s payment terms?

If approved for credit, our standard terms are NET 30.

What are the Terms and Conditions when placing an order?

Our standard Terms and Conditions are available here.

What do I need to provide Hart Enterprises, Inc. when placing an order?

Your part number and revision level (while revisions are not strictly required, we highly recommend providing this information), the quantity, piece price, desired delivery date, ship to/bill to address, current drawing, and shipping instructions.

Can I place a blanket order / Kanban to receive better pricing on my order?

Yes! Blanket orders are accepted for pricing discounts as long as all products ordered are shipped within one year from receipt of purchase order.

What size tubing, wire, or hubs do you currently have in stock?

Hart Enterprises, Inc. has many tubing and wire sizes in stock. Check our Design Guide for more information.

Is Hart Enterprises, Inc. ISO certified?

Hart Enterprises, Inc. is ISO compliant but not ISO certified. Hart Enterprises, Inc. has been audited by many organizations including ISO notified bodies such as NSAI and found to “have developed and maintains a well documented and implemented management system. Although the company is not independently certified to ISO 13485, the systems and processes in place are in conformance with this standard.”

Hart Enterprises, Inc. is an FDA Registered and inspected (registration #1828424) medical device manufacturer.

Can I watch my product being manufactured at Hart Enterprises, Inc.?

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality agreements in place with our customers, we are unable to allow customers on the production floor.