Greater Flow, Less Pressure, Less Trauma


Effortless penetration, exceptional control, and low-trauma
are common to all Hart needles.

Our differential bevels eliminate coring, while our light-weight, Sure Grip™ plastic hubs bring exceptional control for spinal procedures. Clear plastic hubs provide a “window” on fluid flow, and thin wall cannula permits high flow rates with low pressure and trauma.



Hart’s short bevel design with a Quincke-type point spreads and displaces rather than cutting the dura matter. This needle reduces the overall penetration forces, yet still imparts a positive feel when penetrating the dura.

Atraumatic Spinal

Our Atraumatic Spinal point geometry spreads the dural tissues rather than cutting as a means of entry, thus reducing the tendency toward post-dural puncture headache.

Have your own design?

Contact us for a quote on a custom needle manufactured to your exact specifications!

Needle stops, centimeter markings, and ultrasound enhancements are available on all standard and custom needles. Custom lengths and gauges available for all needles. Contact us for more details.