Sometimes turning your ideas into reality is much harder than you thought.

Hart Enterprises, Inc. will listen to ideas and your goals to work with you to develop the product you dreamed of creating. Throughout our history we have taken ideas that other manufacturers said that either it could not be built or would not work and we turned that idea into reality.

It started with our first product nearly forty years years ago and is still happening today. Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in the development and prototyping of medical parts and devices. If you have a product idea that you have been told won’t work or can’t work, TAKE IT TO HART. Let our engineers look at the idea before you give up on your dream. We would be happy to critique your design and discuss options that optimize the product for manufacturing. Please stop by our metal fabrication and plastic fabrication pages to see some of the unique products manufactured by Hart Enterprises, Inc.

Prototyping small batch sizes falls right into the strength of Hart Enterprises, Inc. as we are a custom manufacturer that excels in creating small run prototype quantities for you to evaluate.

In addition to the small run prototyping, Hart Enterprises, Inc. can make the product completely turn-key for you. Once the product has met your requirements you can have us manufacture, package and sterilize the product for you. This will allow you more time to concentrate on selling the product to your customers instead of worrying about the manufacturing end of your product.

Hart Enterprises, Inc. can give you the competitive edge through novel design, unique manufacturing, quick development, cost containment, and fast turnaround time. Don’t let an idea get away…TAKE IT TO HART, and we will help turn it into reality.